Benefits of a Garage Addition

Don’t let your vehicles rust away from rain and snow. When you’re ready to protect your vehicle and add storage space to your home, find out why you should consider a garage addition project. Here are some benefits and considerations when choosing this excellent home improvement option.

Convenient Storage

Many homeowners use their garage shelving for seasonal items, lawn equipment and outdoor gear. If your home doesn’t have a garage, you may be struggling to find a good place to store these items. Design a garage with plenty of storage space to enjoy a decluttered home and have easy access to your favorite outdoor gear.

Vehicle Protection

Parking outside in the elements can reduce the lifespan of your vehicle. Excess moisture can encourage rust and corrosion. You’ll also have to deal with brushing off snow, leaves and other debris off your vehicle before you leave. Protect your car and retain its value for longer with a garage. It’s particularly useful if you have a seasonal vehicle or a classic car you’re working on. Parking a vehicle outside and letting it sit for months can create flat spots in its tires and wear out other components.

Attached vs. Detached

Work with a professional designer and contractor to discuss the pros and cons of an attached or detached garage addition. Some homes aren’t capable of including an attached garage, while other homeowners prefer a detached option. A detached garage may be more affordable and allow you more flexibility in its design, but it won’t give you the same convenience of exiting your vehicle and walking directly into your home.

Learn More Today

Contact a professional today to start a conversation about your garage addition. Work with a design team to draw up the garage of your dreams and find out how you can afford additional storage space and a safe, comfortable place to park your vehicles.