Tips for Restoring a Craftsman Home

Many of the homes that were being built in the early part of the 20th century were of the craftsman style. These functional American homes were inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement which gained popularity as more ornate Victorian styles fell out of favor. While homeowners may wish to preserve the original handcrafted style of these charming homes, during historic home renovations their amenities will need to be upgraded in order to add the functionality of the technological age. 

Go Back To Stained Wood

Craftsman homes employed plenty of detailed woodwork that could be found in the staircases, crown molding and chair railings. Featuring builtins such as shelves, all of the wood adornments were stained rather than painted. To return a craftsman to its original look and feel may require stripping of paint and choosing a color of stain that carries throughout the home. 

Don’t Let Additions Overpower

During historic home renovations of these structures with simple layouts, the homeowner should continue to make effective use of space by adding additional storage that doesn’t detract from the home’s original beauty. Craftsman style furnishings and bath fixtures remain popular today and can complement the restoration to keep the home as close to original as possible. 

Choose Craftsman Style Fixtures

Because of widely available materials still being manufactured in the craftsman style, a homeowner should have no problem updating their home while retaining the beauty of the original architecture. The only difference in design with modern fixtures and furnishings is an improvement in functionality and minor design changes to meet the more modern plumbing systems and luxuries widely available more than a century later. 

As a homeowner embarks on historic home renovations, they should always work with a professional contractor who can ensure the home’s structural integrity isn’t compromised, quality materials are utilized, and new installations meet local code. Restoring a craftsman style home is an endeavor that will reap plenty of rewards as the homeowner watches the past come to life in their warm and charming find.