Tips for Planning a Successful Basement Remodel

A basement remodel can enhance your home and extend your living area.  Whether you’re creating a special place for friends and family to hang out or adding bedrooms, here are tips to plan a useful and comfortable space.

Define the Purpose

Start by defining what you’d like to do with your basement. Think about your family’s different activities as well as flow and storage. Bedrooms usually need a second way to exit in addition to an entrance door, so they typically need to be placed along the outer walls.

Consider how your family’s needs might change over time, such as children becoming teenagers. Rank your wish list in priority order, so you can adjust as you talk to contractors about costs and feasibility.

Work With Experts

Before you get too far along with basement remodel planning, you should work with an expert. A good licensed contractor will know what’s required for your home based on building codes, the local government and regional climate. This may include structural updates, moisture control measures, flooring, insulation and permits. Once you’ve hired a contractor, nail down a contract with a budget and schedule. Find out what input your contractor will need from you, such as color and material choices. Plan times to communicate about progress and issues.

Plan Adequate Lighting

Having enough light is crucial to ensure your space is functional and enjoyable. Talk to your contractor about window placement and lighting fixtures. You might have a daylight basement with some windows that are above ground. If some of your windows are below ground, they’ll need window wells.

When planning lighting fixtures, think about whether you’ll need adjustable lighting. Consider some warm or light colors for materials, which help reflect light.

A basement remodel can be a challenging but rewarding endeavor. With the right contractor and good planning, you’ll gain a new living space as well as add resale value to your home.