Using Your Basement for Extra Living Space

With so many people taking advantage of the opportunities in the United States, it is getting harder and harder to find room to expand your home or property. You aren’t out of options when a horizontal expansion isn’t possible. You can work laterally to improve how much livable space your home offers. If you have already converted your attic into a loft space, consider a basement remodeling project.

Use Tanking to Transform the Basement

Many people avoid basement investments because of the moisture and temperature control problems that come with a subterranean space. Dealing with a dark, damp space can be a challenge, as mold growth becomes a serious concern. Tanking the cellar or basement, as well as waterproofing the space, can make it easier to transform the basement into a usable living space. Drainage systems are the best solutions during a basement remodeling, as they have the most lasting impact on removing moisture.

Tanking uses an unbroken waterproof tank to make sure your basement stays free from excess moisture. This is made possible by lining the internal walls with cavity drainage membranes. It doesn’t require any structural changes, but the result provides the best dry barrier scenario for remodeling projects. Water that has already collected in an area can be addressed with a submersible sump pump. These pumps are also installed where the ground is prone to flooding or experiences significant water accumulation. A sump pump should be installed by qualified professionals if it is going to be effective.

Use Construction to Create New Space

Once the damp has been removed, you can pursue a basement remodeling project that creates a unique, new space to enjoy. Don`t waste it on just storage. Create a family media room, a toy room, guest quarters, or a home office. Bring in lots of lighting to make the space feel bigger and brighter.

The right construction team can transform your basement into an amazing addition of livable square footage. Be sure adequate waterproofing measures are taken first.